Cakes & Barrage Units

Barrage Units

100'S Lidu Flowers
210'S Green Crossette X Pattern
210'S Red And Green Tail To White Flash
25 Shot Golden Flower Thunder
25 Shot Red Tail To Red Blue With Strobe
25'S Assorted Effect Cake
25'S Happy Stars
25'S Thunder Rain
36 Shot Battle Of Color
36'S White Flashing Flower Tail White Flashing
37 Shot Whirlwind
49"S Color Crossette
49"S Willow Wave Flowers
8 X 3 Fan Shaped Coconut Pistil Blue Chrysanthemum
8 X 5 Fan Shaped Crackling Crossette And White Flashing Mines
8 X 5 Fan Shaped Golden Crossette And Red Mines
8 X 5 Fan Shaped Green Glitter And Crackling Crossette
8 X 5 Fan Shaped Green Strobe And Brocade Mines
Big Silver Tourbillion 100 Shot Z Shape
Blue Tail To Golden Belt W/red Glitter Green Glitter & White Glitter 36 Shot
Brocade Crown To Green Flashing Mine To Red Green And Blue Peony With Time Rain 140 Shot Fan Cake
Celebration Of Divine Land 112 Shot
Color & Gold Glitter 100 Shot Fan Cake
Crackling Willow With Blue Star 100 Shot
Fan Cake 300 Shot Assorted Effects
Gold Flash Tail To RGB Dahlia Chrys 25 Shot
Gold Willow With Blue Mine To Big Gold Willow 140 Shot Fan Cake
Lemon Comets 100 Shot Z
Mixed Effects 228 Shot (three Minute Cake)
Purple And Green With Crown To Purple In The Center 49 Shot W Shape
Quick Salute With 1 Color 49 Shot
Red And Blue Mine With White Glitter 65 Shot
Red And Sky Blue With White Strobe To Red With White Strobe Mine 150 Shot Fan Cake
Red Comets To Red Dahlia With White Strobe 49 Shot
Red Crossette 29mm 19 Shot Cake
Red Green Yellow Falling Leaves With Blue Stars And Tails 49 Shot Fan
Red White And Blue Crossettes 25 Shot
Report With Silver Tail With Palm 100 Shot
Silver Crackling Blue Red Green Glitter Mine With Blue Tail To Chrys. Willow 110 Shot Fan Cake
Silver Crossette 29mm 19 Shot Cake
Silver Spinners Fan Cake 100 Shot
V Shape Candle Bundle 300 Shot - Blue
V Shape Candle Bundle 300 Shot - Orange
V Shape Candle Bundle 300 Shot - Purple
V Shape Candle Bundle 300 Shot - Red

1.4G Multi-Shell Barrage Units

12s Finale Box: Golden Brocade (5sec)
12s Brocade Crown (30sec)
12s Double Timerain Crackle (30sec)
12s Finale Box: Color Stars
18s Brocade Crown Barrage With Three Layer Mine (20sec)
25s FAN Color To Red Gamboge (30sec)
30s Sky Mines White Strobe W/ Color (20sec)
36s Crackle (25sec)
Blue Comet 36s Z Cake
Blue Dahlia 36s Z Cake
Blue Peony 36s (25s)
Brocade Crown 36s (25sec)
Crackling Comet 36s Z Cake (20 Sec)
Fan Rainbow Peony With Rainbow Mine 25 Shot (20 Sec)
Fan RWB Peony With RWB Mine 25 Shot (20 Sec)
Finale Box: Crackling 12s (5sec)
Finale Box: Multi Color Peony12s (5sec)
Finale Box: Silver Dragon 150 Shot (5 Sec.)
Gold Mine To Gold Brocade Crown 25s Z Cake (15 Sec)
Green Comet 36s Z Cake
Green Dahlia 36s Z Cake
Lemon Comet 36s Z Cake (20 Sec)
Lemon Peony 36s Z Cake (20 Sec)
Multi-Effect Straight Cake With Falling Leaves 20 Shot (18 Sec)
Multi-Effect Straight Cake With Whistle 25 Shot (20 Sec)
Multicolor Peony 12s (40sec)
Multicolor Peony 36s (25sec)
National Anthem Cake
Neon Color Barrage 36 Shot (20 Sec)
Orange Comet 36s Z Cake (20 Sec)
Orange Peony 36s Z Cake (20 Sec)
Pink Comet 36s Z Cake
Pink Dahlia 36s Z Cake
Purple Comet 36s Z Cake
Purple Dahlia 36s Z Cake
R/W/B Peony 12s (40sec)
R/W/B Peony 36s (25sec)
Red And Green Fish Mine
Red Comet 36s Z Cake
Red Dahlia 36s Z Cake
Red Peony 36s (25sec)
Silver Comet 36s Z Cake
Silver Dahlia 36s Z Cake
Three Stage Whistle W/ Crackle 16s (20sec)
White Peony 36s (25sec)
Yellow Comet 36s Z Cake
Yellow Dahlia 36s Z Cake

500 Gram Cakes

Baby Boomer 16 Shot
Blond Joke - 36 Shots
Grizzly Growler 12 Shot
Seventy Second Sensation 42 Shot
Thunder Queen 7 Shot