Cakes & Barrage Units

Barrage Units

Blue Tail To Golden Belt W/red Glitter Green Glitter & White Glitter 36 Shot
Brocade Crown Color Bouquet Rain Bouquet 36 Shot
Brocade Crown King 36 Shot
Color Tails Red Green Purple Lemon To Titanium Salute 100 Sh
Corolla Mine To Corolla Chrysanthemum To Blue With Tail 36 S
Crackling Mine To Blue And Red Dahlia W/ Crackling 120 Shot Fan Cake
Crackling Tail To Titanium Flower Willow 49 Shot I Shape
Fan Cake 300 Shot Assorted Effects
Five Changing Effect Cake 100 Shot
Gold Flash Tail To Red Green Blue Dahlia Chrysanthemum 100 Shot
Gold Flash Tail To RGB Dahlia Chrys 25 Shot
Green And Orange To Crackle 182 Shot X Fan (10 Sec)
Green Crossette 29mm 19 Shot Cake
Green Strobe 49 Shot Z Shape
Mixed Effects 228 Shot (three Minute Cake)
Quick Crackling Crossette
Quick Report With 1 Color 25 Shot With Red Tail
Quick Salute With 1 Color 49 Shot
Red Comets To Red Dahlia With White Strobe 49 Shot
Red Crossette 29mm 19 Shot Cake
Red Tail Crackling To Red & Yellow Dahlia To S. Blue 100s
Red Tail To Red And Blue With White Strobe 25 Shot
Red White And Blue Palms And Reports 80 Shot Z Shape
Report With Color W/ Silver Tail 100 Shot
Rockets Red Glare Cake
Silver Crossette 29mm 19 Shot Cake
Silver Horse Tail 50 Shot Fan
Silver Spinners Fan Cake 100 Shot
Silver Strobe Mine To Blue And Red Dahlia 25 Shot
Silver Strobe Mine To Red Dahlia With Silver Strobe With Red 36 Shot
Silver Strobe Willow W/Silver Strobe Tail 49 Shot
Silver Tail To Variegated Coconut Chrysanthemum 100 Shot
Silver To Crackling 40 Shot Fan
Silver Wave To Gold Chrysanthemum And Mines
Silver Whirl To Red And Green With Silver Mine 100s
Whistle Tail To Titanium Salute 100 Shot