Cakes & Barrage Units

Barrage Units

105'S Variety Willows + Color Strobe W/Stobe Mine
160'S Chuangmei Show Box #11
180'S Chuangmei Show Box #13
180'S Chuangmei Show Box #8
2.5" 25 SHOT SHELL CAKE - 01
200'S Chuangmei Show Box #16RB
225'S Chuangmei Show Box #5
240'S Colorful Fire Tree
25'S Nishiki Willow, Strobe W/Tail 40 Sec
3" 25 SHOT SHELL CAKE - 01
3" 25 SHOT SHELL CAKE - 02
320'S Chuangmei Show Box #10
360'S Plum Blossom, White Strobe, Brocade Crown, Dragon Egg, SS Finale W/Tail (Z) 45 Sec
49'S Timerain Willow, Red Strobe W/Dragon Egg Mine (W) 23 Sec
66'S Assorted Color And Strobe
90'S Stobe Willow, Color Peony?SS Finale W/Strobe Tail
96'S Purple Crossette, Red Green Falling Leaves W/Crackle Blue Mine
Brave The Wind And Waves Red/Green Yellow To Crackle Dahlia 36 Shot
Cluster Bomb
Crackling Willow And Red Green Dahlia With Crackling Tail 49 Shot
Ghost Sweep Blue To Red To White Strobe Mines 100 Shot Fan
Glittering Willow Comets 100 Shot Fan
Lemon Crossette 25 Shot 30 Sec
Orange Crossette 25 Shot 30 Sec
Rainbow Crossette 50 Shot Z Shape
Red Blue & White Strobe Finale Cake 49 Shot
RWB Tails To Breaks With Report Finale 100 Shot
Starblaster 25 Shot (5 Sec)
V Shape Candle Bundle 300 Shot - Pink
Variety Color With Report 25 Shot

1.4G Multi-Shell Barrage Units

1.2" 3 Stage Silver Whistling
1.2" Crackling Crossette
1.2" Pink Green Blue Purple Yellow Mine To Pink Green Blue Purple Yellow Peony
1.2" Pink/Green/Blue/Purple Smoke To Salute
1.2" Silver Spinning Tail To Ti Salute
1.2" White Tail With Gold Ti Willow Mine
10s Super Red Strobe (40sec)
10s Super Silver Flash (40sec)
12s Brocade Crown (40sec)
12s Finale Box: Golden Brocade (Simult)
12s Finale Box: RWB Peony (5sec)
12s RWB Peony (30sec)
12s Silver Swirl Aerial (15sec)
20s FAN Blue W/ Gold & Silver Glitter 3 Layer Mine (18sec)
3-layer Efffects: Howling Tails, Mine To Mid-air To High-air Breaks Of Timerain/Brocade 24 Shot (40sec)
36s Finale Box: FAN Blue Peony (6sec)
36s Finale Box: FAN White Peony (6sec)
36s Multicolor Peony (25sec)
36s R/W/B Peony (25sec)
36s Red Peony (25sec)
49s Red & Green Go Getters (25sec)
9s Nishiki Kamuro (40sec)
Aqua Dahlia 36s Z Cake
Brocade Palm W/ Color Dahlias 9 Shot (20sec)
Brocde To Color Tips W/ Mine 9 Shot (20sec)
Color Strobes W/ Color Strobing Mine 9 Shot (20sec)
Crackling Palmtree - FAN
Crossette Combos Alternated With Brocade/Willow 36 Shot Fan (30sec)
Gold Brocade Kamuro - Finale Vertical
Gold Palms W/ Color Alternated With 3-stage Whistling Tails 18 Shot (35sec)
Green Peony W/White Glitter
Green Strobe Peony
Jelly Fish 16 Shot
Multi-color Falling Leaves W/ White Strobes 25 Shot (18sec)
Multi-Effect Straight Cake 66 Shot (85sec)
Multicolor Crackling Comet - ZIPPER
Multicolor W /White Glitter - Finale Vertical
Orange Peony W/White Glitter
Pink Peony W/White Glitter ELECTRIC FIRE ONLY
Red Strobe Peony
ROMAN: Popping Comet (84-Shots)
RWB W/White Glitter - Finale Vertical
Time Rain Crackling - FAN