Proximate Pyrotechnics

Most outdoor fireworks shows require large fallout areas. Proximate pyrotechnics are special effect devices specifically designed to have little or no fallout. Because they are designed to perform within a defined set of parameters, (maximum heights, spreads, etc.) J&M Displays uses these devices on rooftops, inside stadiums, arenas, and other venues where typical fireworks are not an option because of limited space or the close proximity of the audience. 

Don't know if your planned venue is large enough for display fireworks? Or is dramatic pyrotechnic the best options? 
Our experienced team can help you look over the distances and other importance details. 
Whichever will work best for your location, we'll bring the WOW!  



  • Gerbs: also know as fountains. Produce a plume of silver or golden sparks.

  • Mines: A colorful spray of rising colored sparks beginning at ground level and traveling skyward.

  • Comets: A single bright rising star, usually silver or colored.

  • Flashpots: A bright flash, a puff of smoke or a small report

  • Concussions: A very loud, sharp report

  • Fireballs/ Mortar Hits:  A rolling orange mushroom shaped ball of fire.

  • Line Rockets: A silver or colored rocket that flies through the air attached to a cable.

  • Whistles: A loud screaming whistle.

  • Airburst: An aerial break of silver or gold sparks, sometimes colored, Simulating outdoor fireworks.

  • Flame Projectors: Brilliant pillars of flame rising from the ground up

  • Waterfalls: Beautiful cascading curtains of silver or golden sparks.